Asian American Leaders (AAL) is a non-profit organization headquartered in North Carolina, USA. Our mission is to organize and unite Asian leaders working in the United States (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Malay, Singaporean, etc.) to build an interactive platform for resource sharing. We try to help people who want to be a leader in different industries.

Asian American Leaders是一个非盈利组织,总部注册在美国北卡莱罗纳州。我们的使命是致力于组织团结在美国工作的亚裔领袖(包括华裔,日,韩,越,泰,印,马来,新等)去建立一个资源分享的互动平台。我们帮助想在不同行业成为领导者的人。